1990 Semi-detached house

1990 Semi-detached house without insulation. The house is 1291 SqFt  and with  ​​5.5KW of eco2heat panels installed throughout. The owners  have a 4KwP photovoltaic solar system on the roof,xxxxxx.

In the long winter of 2016/17 we needed approx. 5500kw / h for the heating. Since it was the first winter I expect less in the future.

Since I put the plates only in the socket, this corresponds to approximately 1450 € heating costs at 27Cent. Maybe I’ll think about heating during a refurbishment (21cent), but the cost of the cable was not what you wanted it to cost me a couple of years.

I can gladly give an update in spring. Total power consumption incl household was 8000kwh



With our small PV system, we still have about 3500kwh Including budget we have a deposit of 200 € and still get 35 € for the electricity sold. Our goal was not to save money in terms of consumption. Much more important to me is the good air to breathe and a newly won room in the basement. The oil tanks and the heating system were removed. No more oil stink in the house and no dry heating air!