Infrared Wellness Mat

  • Heating Element uses only 20 Volt – not 110 Volt
  • Heating Element contains no bi-metals – overheating is ruled out!
  • No danger of spontaneous combustion or electric shock
  • Pleasant surface made of silicon-containing leatherette, soft foam on the bottom
  • Low surface temperature of  just 86 F (30°C), and a deeply penetrating infrared warmth for your body

Not just for physical therapy and massage salons, but for everyday use at home.

A pleasant deep heat ensures muscle relaxation and calms an entire body in just a few minutes.

Treat yourself after hard work or just enjoy a 20-minute break on our Wellness Mat, you will thank yourself the next day.

Already a brief use of eco2heat Infrared Wellness Mat contributes significantly towards your daily well-being and comfort!


After a physically demanding day, it is especially pleasant to give yourself a little break and enjoy relaxing on our Wellness Mat.

Not just for physical therapy purposes, this Wellness Mat is a great product for your everyday use.
Infrared heat penetrates particularly deeply, it helps dilating the blood vessels and relieve pain in your tense areas. This short break will provide you with a new creative force and energy for the rest of the day!

Please drink enough bottled water prior to use, as well as eat fruits, to normalize your calcium level. Green leafy vegetables are healthy because they regulates the magnesium balance of your body. A shower before using our Wellness Mat increases sweating.

To help you fight a cold, we recommend several sessions with at least 90-minute breaks inbetween.